About Us

Amuricase began in the midst of a global pandemic forcing many across the globe to stay home. Fortunately, most parks and some state parks were still available for hiking or just catching some sun. America was built on exploration and discovery of new things. That’s why we built the perfect backpack for your travel needs.

After struggling to find a bag that was comfortable, affordable and reliable we knew something had to change. We began to search for features which would be hassle and worry free such as a waterproof feature, camera stand support and cushioning for delicate material. It also has features you need to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to the gym, hiking/camping, filming set or even a business trip so we created specific features just for you.

Our hope is that Amuricase will remind you of the freedom we often take for granted in America. Amuricase reminds you of what can be discovered through travel. Our mission is simple, spread love and be love wherever you go.